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Why Don’t They Teach Online Marketing?

Why Doesn’t My Network Marketing Company Teach Online Marketing?

Why not teach online maketing

The problem is that most traditional network marketing companies have not changed their methods over the years.  So, they train their representatives to follow the old methods of the 70’s, 80’s 90’s.

They realize it takes a learning curve to become proficient at presenting the business to others.  

They also know they need to stick with a way that is simple and can be duplicated. After all, in order for Network Marketing to work, you need to duplicate yourself.  In other words,– you need to have a simple process that anyone else can follow.

A Simple Process Doesn’t Automatically Mean Others Will Duplicate It

Just using a simple process does not mean that others will follow you.  Your process must also be customarily acceptable.

Most Companies in Network Marketing train their new representatives to say as little as possible when inviting people to their business meetings.  Unfortunately, even though this method of extending an invitation without explaining the details is simple,— nowadays, it’s just no longer acceptable.

And, thankfully because of advancement in technology and communication it is no longer necessary.

The Comparison Between “Old School” And “New School” Marketing

Today we live in the information age.  The internet has become a very large part of people’s lives.  Now you can instantly contact a business partner across the globe.  Now, you can find people who are interested in your niche in any part of the world.

 Online Marketing

in fact, with a little practice, you can target people who are truly interested in hearing what you have to offer— on just about any subject.  You can have people willingly sign themselves onto your list. Not just 100s of people, but 1000’s of people.

So which is better? A list of 100-200 names of people who are not yet even aware of your business— or– a list of 1000’s who have signed themselves into your list because they are interested in hearing more about what you offer?

You can invite 100’s to your online meeting— for FREE, with an UNLIMITED number of viewers on Youtube!  You can even invite experienced upline members to speak at your meeting. You can have question and answer discussions. This can be done without anyone having to leave their homes.

So again, which is better? Cramming 40 – 50 people in a hotel room, many of whom have no idea why they were invited— or — having an unlimited number of attendees who online who made an informed choice to be there?

For effectiveness, there is no comparison between the “old School” offline methods and the “new school” online methods of marketing.  

Then why don’t the the traditional Network Marketing companies market online? We’ll Discuss That in the Next Blog